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We are a team of Australia's best resume writers, career trainers, and document designers, offering a vast array of experience across almost every possible industry.


Did you know that only 2% of job seekers make it past the initial resume screening stage?


We started The Resumeologist because we noticed that many highly skilled and experienced individuals were missing wonderful opportunities, simply because they failed to present themselves effectively.


Our process is simple: we get to know you and your goals, help you clarify your career choices, and then work together on improving your chances of standing out from the crowd.



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Resume Templates

Here are some of the designs that our resume writers have enjoyed working with

Jane F Testimonial Review

Jane F.
Creative Director

Changing career paths was an incredibly difficult transition for me. I am so lucky to have had the professional support of such a wonderful, and most importantly, caring, team. Thank you.

Daniel R Testimonial Review

Daniel R.
Executive Director

Thank you for your professionalism and customer service. You have completely changed the way in which I approach my professional presentation. Extremely impactful. Caring. A splendid experience. Recommended.

Clara F Testimonial Review

Clara F.
Software Engineer

I had been searching for a career change for quite some time, with little success. A friend had recommended The Resumeologist, and when I saw the next suitable role pop up, I took the leap. So glad I did. Extremely professional.

Matthew S Testimonial Review

Matthew S.
Bus. Dev. Manager

Above and beyond a tailored service. Professional, personal, and thorough. Certainly not run-of-the-mill. I was completely and pleasantly surprised at the quality of work presented by Benjamin and his team.


Stephanie L Testimonial Review

Stephanie L.
Medical Lead

Excellent to work with. Very efficient and professional. I would highly recommend The Resumeologist.

Ben M Testimonial Review

Benjamin M.
Senior Designer

Thank you, The Resumeologist. Outstanding work! It was a pleasure working with you. Very easy and straightforward. So happy that I found you.

Annelisa A Testimonial Review

Annelise A.
Training Coordinator

I really appreciated the time and effort The Resumeologist put forward when updating my Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile. Very professional.

Samuel K Testimonial Review

Samuel K.
Cloud Architect

You have given me the tools necessary to present my very best self throughout the job interview process. Thank you so much.

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