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The Team

Who We Are


Ben Congiusta


An ex-professional athlete, current associate of one of the largest real estate firms in the Asia Pacific region, and promising entrepreneur, Ben has enjoyed corporate experience in Australia, America, and multiple countries throughout Europe. This diverse experience, coupled with extensive qualifications in both Finance and Economics earned at renowned Universities throughout America, allows Ben to relate to people from all walks of life. Ben's favourite aspect of this work lies in helping others make a significant career or industry change, a process that he has now experienced numerous times. Ben states 'We are all filled with untapped potential, and it is my mission to help you discover it within yourself.'

Melissa Appleby

Senior Writer

A consummate communications, marketing, and digital professional with extensive experience across the financial services industry, Melissa blends corporate experience with contemporary creativity and flair. Graduating with 3 University Degrees, and operating with some of the most well-known companies in Australia, such as Pepper Financial Services, BT Financial Group, and Westpac, Melissa has enjoyed many noteworthy milestones throughout the course of her career, such as launching numerous highly regarded financial products and leading digital campaigns that achieved 300% increases in community engagement. If you are seeking to improve your digital presence, alongside your professional presentation, we are confident in saying that Melissa is up there with the best in the business.

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Angela Harvey

Senior Writer

A practicing solicitor, graduate of both Macquarie University and the NSW College of Law, along with recent admission to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Angela is accustomed to large workloads and tight deadlines. After presenting to stakeholders, senior management, actuaries and underwriters, as well as managing over 100 active and very complex matters on behalf of Australia's largest financial institutions, ASX 100 listed companies, financial planners, and AFSL license holders in the areas of professional indemnity, Corporations Act breaches, and crime and employment matters, assisting others with their professional presentation is a very welcomed and extremely enjoyable change to her daily project list.

Jonathan Lucas

Senior Writer

Having earned a master's degree from the University of New South Wales, along with a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Jonathan has taken these qualifications and his career to the next level. Jonathan has written for several Australian and American publications, including USA Today, Channel 10 News, and Channel 9 News, as well as served the former U.S. President Barack Obama as a campaign fundraiser and speech writing assistant. Furthermore, Jonathan run's two very popular websites. One acts as a one stop shop for all of your sporting news, while the other is geared towards everything current affairs.

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